Grill N Pal Directions

How should the Grill N Pal be placed on the grill?
Grill should be level, grill pan centered on grill grates. Grill pan designed higher in back to allow grease to drain into large grease channel in “front” of grill.

Do I need to preheat my grill?
Yes. Preheat grill pan for 2-3 minutes before placing food on grill. This will sear meat, quickly locking in flavorful juices. Place food evenly on grill pan for best results.

Should I close my grill or leave it open?
Close the grill. (If you’re looking you’re not cooking) A Closed grill will increase grill flavor, reduce cooking time and save gas. – Turn food at least once during cooking to get sear marks and evenly cooked food.

What temperature should I cook at?
Turn all burners of grill to low/medium low. High heat is not needed!