How it Works

Grill N Pal Directions

– Grill should be level, grill pan centered on grill grates. Grill pan designed higher in back to allow grease to drain into large grease channel in “front” of grill.
– Turn all burners of grill to low/medium low. High heat is not needed!
– Brush grill pan lightly with vegetable/olive oil if desired to reduce sticking. Non-stick spray may slightly discolor grill pan.
– Preheat grill pan for 2-3 minutes before placing food on grill. This will sear meat, quickly locking in flavorful juices.
– Place food evenly on grill pan for best results.
– Close the grill. (If you’re looking you’re not cooking) A Closed grill will increase grill flavor, reduce cooking time and save gas.
– Turn food at least once during cooking to get sear marks and evenly cooked food.
– Not for indoor or electric grills.

Best For…Brats, hot dogs, hamburger patties, steaks, chops, chicken, vegetables, fish even bacon.


Higher fat content food such as hamburger patties, pork products, some steaks etc., may start to fill front grease channel. Excess grease in channel can easily be removed by a folded paper towel/napkin held in tongs. This is the grease that would normally drip onto burners creating flare-ups and fires. Grill pan slots have been designed to let some grease drip through to contact burners. This will generate that grill flavor that everyone wants.

Remove grill pan as soon as possible after cooking. Submerge grill pan in hot soapy water for 10 min. Food/grease residue will come off easily with metal scrubbie/wire brush or pan scouring pad. Commercial spray oven cleaner may also be used following directions. Dishwasher detergent can be used in hot water instead of dish soap.


BBQ sauce and some marinades have high sugar content that will caramelize and burn quickly. Sauce should be applied at end of cooking just before removing food from pan. This will reduce cleanup.

Grill pan is made of food grade stainless steel for years of service. There is no finish to wear off. If pan warps slightly from uneven heat/food distribution reducing heat will allow pan to quickly return to normal condition.

Caution: Use low to medium low heat only. High heat settings may damage and warp Grill N Pal.
Not for indoor or electric grills.

Enjoy in Good Health!