I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed the use of the Grill N Pal that I have purchased from you. I have used this product to grill meat, chicken, and fish without the flames shooting up because of the grease that might drip down in the bricks. Instead the grease drips out and down to a catch basin. Grilling is made easier with your product because the heat is spread evenly under the Grill N Pal.

The cleanup afterwards is very easy and done quickly which is another good quality. You have a good product. I have given a sample Grill N Pal to my parents and have heard all good comments how much better grilling is.

Thanks for the great product. This is a great item that can be purchased for a gift.

Bradley P. Walraven

I wanted to take this moment to let you know just how much I have enjoyed my Grill N Pal. As a Poultry Pal User for some years, I knew that any product you developed would likely exceed all expectations during use. But I couldn’t fathom that this particular item, would raise the bar even further.

I have used the Grill N Pal to cook vegetables, fish, chicken & steaks and every one came out perfectly. The unit seems to carry heat more evenly across the entire surface, unlike other items I have used in the past. A light oil spray such as PAM or olive oil on the surface, as you suggested, keeps even light textured fish from sticking. Grease is carried away from the meat, and cleanup is the easiest I have encountered. This product is so good, I believe my wife could use it without failure (and that is quite an admission).

I hope you have heard this from others who have tested it for you, and let me know when it can be purchased, as I will need about 6 of them for family members.

Once again, you have hit one out of the park with the Grill N Pal.

Jim W. P.

I had the taste for pizza the other night but didn’t want to heat up the oven in the house.This is a 12″ pizza purchased from local store. Pre heated Grill N Pal for 2 minutes on my gas grill –cooked thawed pizza for 6 min.

This had great wood oven cooked flavor with crunchy crust!
Thought some might want to try this.

Tom S.


Actually we had purchased one of these somewhere (can’t remember where) some years ago.  When we wanted to get another one so we searched all over the internet by words and images and could not find yours again.  There’s no name stamped into your product and our endless searching was unproductive without this name and only key words.  Every other system we bought was not as good as yours.

As luck would have it….in cleaning out the garage we ran across the Poultry Pal pamphlet including recipes and were so excited!  My husband and I went online with the brand name and then easily found your product.  Because we wanted two of your systems for our house, another for our cabin (as the original one we had bought was already there), and thought they’d make great gifts for others, we bought your 6-pack.

I might suggest you stamp the brand name into your product. When others buy this they’ll NEVER want another system!  If they lose their original information it will make it difficult for them to buy more of yours.

Thanks for such a quality product!